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Lois Arkin

3551 White House Place

Los Angeles, CA 90004


FAX 213/386-8873





Founded Los Angeles Eco-Village Jan., 1993 where I've lived since 1980, a two block built-out multi-ethnic lower income central city sustainable community in process. About 500 people live in the two block area. Eco-Village activities are coordinated by a 10 member intentional community within the neighborhood. Just acquired our first apartment building, a 40 unit two-story, courtyard building built in 1922. We're transit rich (within walking distance of 17 buslines and 2 subway stations), very child friendly (K-2 school is in Eco-Village) and all other urban amenities very closeby.


Co-authored/co-edited 2 books: "Sustainable Cities: Concepts and Strategies for Eco-City Development" (Eco-Home Media, 1992) and "Cooperative Housing Compendium: Resources for Collaborative Living" (UC Davis, Center for Cooperatives, 1993). Coordinate the "Ecovillage" column in "Communities Magazine." (See current ecovillage theme issue, Summer, '96, which I guest edited with Lynne Elizabeth. Am on the board of the Fellowship for Intentional Community.


Founded CRSP (Cooperative Resources & Services Project) in 1980, a nonprofit organization committed to small ecological cooperative communities located in Eco-Village. CRSP is a membership organization providing a hotline, publications, referrals, library and video loans, plus the Eco-Village Experience on most Saturdays (which includes a dialogue, tour and veggie lunch in L.A. Eco-Village).


Co-founded Eco-Home Network in Los Angeles, a demonstration home for ecological living in the city whose visionary is Julia Russell; tours available each Sunday, 213/662-5207.


I like to hit tennis balls, hang out on the street with neighbors, participate in community work days, walk, bike for transportation, publicly advocate for a radically different way of living in our cities! I enjoy being silly with other silly folks who are in mutually caring relationships.


Ancient history: BA Anthropology Cal State University at Northridge, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, was married for 12 years many years ago to a wonderful person (Bill Arkin) now deceased, no children (by choice), I'm 59, worked as a probation officer in L.A. County with troubled youth, co-founded Songwriters Resources and Services in 1977 (now known as the National Academy of Songwriters), travelled around the world on a cargo freighter, lived in Spain for a year, blah, blah, blah.