Global Village Institute

for appropriate technology


Francis Michael

560 Farm Road

Summertown, TN 38483-0220 USA

(931) 964-2200


BORN:                                                         March 13, 1938, New York City, NY.


EDUCATION:                                  B.S., Texas Technical College, 1963  (physics); M.A., University of California, Davis, 1967.



1990-present:                                   Production Manager, Summertown Food Company (forest resource products).

1989:                                                               Visiting mathematics teacher, the Farm School.

1988-present:                                   CEO, Michael-Freeman; consulting and contracting: carpentry, plumbing, heating & cooling, general engineering.

1984-present:                                  Director and Secretary, Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology

1981-83:                                                     Satellite TVRO Systems Technician and International Program Researcher for SE International.

1981-present:                                  Technical advisor, Ethos Research Group, Plenty USA

1978-present:                                  Appropriate technology consultant: design and manufacture of optimally simple, efficient, and cost effective integrated solar and biomass life-support systems, space/water heaters, photovoltaics, heat engines, heat recovery systems, greenhouses, smokeless wood stoves.

1972-1974:                                            Independent research and development of appropriate technologies, small group interactions, and decisionmaking in an alternate community (Twin Oaks)

1967-1972:                                             Research engineer, United Aircraft Research Laboratories, Hartford, Conn.: research, design and development of 1) safety testing of critical components of jet engines; 2) chemical analysis of gases in experimental rocket engines, using infrared and optical spectrophotometry; 3) laser holography, interferometry, and research in other phases of coherent optics.

1963-1965:                                            Research engineer, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California: research, design, and operation of instrumentation of scientific probes for simulated atmospheres of other planets, and for a solar coronagraph in the flying solar observatory; mass spectrometry and x-ray electron densitometry.