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Hope Blooms in Palestine

The Marda Permaculture Farm is located in the small village of Marda in the Salfit District in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories. It was founded in the fall of 2006 by permaculturist Murad Alkhufash, the “Palestinian with a Green Thumb.” Marda is a village of about 2,600 located just below the Israeli settlement of Ariel and the separation wall. The people of Marda, and the 23 surrounding villages have farmed the region for over one thousand years, and cared for the olive groves that surround the village, with their ancient old trees which, like the people themselves, become more beautiful and resilient over time.

The goals of the project are to model and share ecologically-friendly, small-scale farming and healthy lifestyle practices for farmers, women, and agricultural students in the region, as well as providing outreach to students of permaculture from across the globe, who can take courses in permaculture while also learning first-hand about the rich Palestinian culture and historic farming practices. The Marda Permaculture has received support from a diverse number of organizations and individuals from across the globe. The Farm operates under the umbrella of the Global Village Institute, a U.S. based nonprofit.  It is a member of the UK Permaculture Association and a Living and Learning Centre of the Global Ecovillage Network.

Please consider a Holiday donation, from yourself or as a gift to a friend, which will go directly toward building the Center.


Visit Marda with Tami Brunk