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  • Army Environmental Policy Institute - to assist the Army Secretariat in developing forward-looking policies and strategies to address environmental challenges which may have future impacts on the Army.
  • The Activism Page - Focuses primarily on: Electronic Democracy, media activism, intellectual liberation, globalization, ecological awareness, and GenX political consciousness. Also traditional areas of concern, such as academic freedom, social justice, human rights, civil liberties, and anti-bigotry. A thorough resource to locating links relative to activism issues.
  • Ecodecision - A publication specializing in environmental policy analysis.
  • Environmental Law - A national business law firm established in environmental practice that is grounded in thorough knowledge of environmental issues and laws.
  • Environmental Mobile Power Washing (Reality of Enforcement) Report 507 - Report 507 explains exactly how the Environmental Laws are being enforced upon the Mobile High Pressure Power Wash Contract Cleaners.
  • Global Action and Information Network - The Global Action and Information Network (GAIN) supports and encourages actions for a sustainable society. This Web site is designed to give you easy access to information on :environmental legislation and policy, environmental and sustainability issues, and what you can do.
  • GreenNet - GreenNet, a sister organization of SANGONet and a member of the APC, focuses on environmental, human rights and peace organizations. Check this site for more information and links to other environmental sites and services on the Net.
  • OneWorld On-Line - is the world's largest independent Web site devoted exclusively to sustainable development and is the Internet's meeting place for everyone who is interested in global themes, such as peace, justice, development and human rights.
  • Share Foundation - The SHARE Foundation brings together diverse bases of support in the religious, peace and social justice communities in the United States, in a united effort to support the building of a new El Salvador.
  • We The People's School of Sustainability - We The People is a membership organization dedicated to political reform and social justice.

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