Institute for Appropriate Technology

    Information on Public Transit

89 Schoolhouse Rd
Summertown TN 38483-0090 USA


  • Institute for Global Communications (IGC) - The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.
  • Khabir Press: "Letter From A Busy Street" - Description of and order form for a book meditation on the reality of traffic and its effects on the human organism.
  • NGO Steering Committee - For more information on NGO preparations on the issue of Transport, please visit the Caucus webpage.
  • Victoria Transport Policy Institute - Our goal is to broaden the range of issues considered in transportation decision making and to develop practical tools for incorporating social and environmental values into transport planning and policy analysis. Several transit assessment software packages and transit policy assessments for sale.

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