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  • GEO 2000 - A coordinated network of Collaborating Centres is the core of the GEO process. These centres have played an increasingly important role in preparing GEO reports. They are now responsible for almost all the regional inputs, thus combining top-down integrated assessment with bottom-up environmental reporting. A number of Associated Centres also participate, providing specialized expertise. Four working groups ?on modelling, scenarios, policy and data ?provide advice and support to the GEO process, helping coordinate the work of the Collaborating Centres to make their outputs as comparable as possible. Other United Nations agencies contribute to the GEO Process through the United Nations System-wide Earthwatch, coordinated by UNEP. In particular, they provide substantive data and information on the many environmentally-related issues that fall under their individual mandates; they also help review drafts.
  • Population & Habitat Campaign - National Audubon Society has launched a major new initiative to build a public mandate for population and family planning and to connect the issues of population growth with habitat. Through this program, Audubon will draw upon its chapters and other community leadership to educate and mobilize citizens from around the country to confront population and environment problems and to communicate with policy makers. The National Audubon Society has embarked on a broad-based effort to strengthen U.S. leadership on population, utilizing its expertise in grassroots activism.

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