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  • Biopolitics International Organization - Over the course of its' eleven-year history, the B.I.O. has been promoting a shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric system of values in society, in order to curb environment at the core of every human endeavour (Greece).
  • Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment - CESSE works on sustainable development indicators and resources, green accounting, EIA, air pollution and modelling.
  • Changemakers Net Library - The Changemakers library is a growing collection of materials on virtually every subject of urgent concern to the environment, human rights, health, education,etc. Changemakers is a two-month old initiative of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a leader for 18 years in launching social change in the global south and more recently in Central Europe.
  • Civitas2004 - features a weekly edition of the latest news, events, links and resources-- all focusing on urban sustainbility issues. THe site is available in three languages--English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations is an independent, international, not-for-profit membership association of nongovernmental organizations that facilitates the participation of NGOs in United Nations debates and decisions. CONGO is most active in the major UN centers of New York, Geneva, and Vienna, but extends its work to all regions of the world. Since its founding in 1948, CONGO has worked to ensure that NGO voices are heard throughout the international arena. CONGO's role in mobilizing NGOs to form the first worldwide NGO forum on human rights in 1968, its role in conceiving forms of NGO participation in UN world conferences and its advocacy on behalf of NGOs at UN Headquarters highlight CONGO's major objectives: to ensure that NGOs are present when governments discuss issues of global concern at the United Nations and to facilitate NGO discussions on such issues.
  • The EarthForum - a new interactive website incorporating hypertext, audio, video and interactive discussion fora to promote discussion and debate on topics related to sustainable development.
  • Earthlife Africa - Earthlife Africa is an organization of people who are concerned about green issues, in other words, issues which revolve around people and the environment. It is an African organization, and thus it mostly focuses on issues in Africa.
  • Ecotrust - is a private, non-profit organization established in 1991 to promote conservation-based development, beginning in the temperate rain forests of North America.
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust - Mission Statement: to conserve the diversity of species in Southern Africa by initiating and funding projects that make a significant contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity.
  • Earth Council / Consejo de la Tierra / Conseil de la Terra - International non-governative organization in Costa Rica from 1992 Earth Council.
  • FEISEAPNET - The Federation of Engineering Institutions of South-East Asia and the Pacific cooperating in the joint pursuit of sustainable development.
  • FICUS - Florida Center for Understanding Sustainability deals with issues and organizations relating to development, ecosystems, and conservation under a common theme of sustainability.
  • Foundation for Global Sustainability - An envrionmental advocacy/activist group for the East Tennessee and Southern Appalachian region.
  • GRNL Network - Scientists and professionals world wide who are interested in environmental issues and sustainability.
  • Global Futures: Future 500 Companies Seek a Fourfold Boost in Productivity - The inauguration of Future 500, a new transnational association of business change agents devoted to advanced resource productivity. Hosted by Mitsubishi Electric America CEO Tachi Kiuchi and Rocky Mountain Institute co-founders Amory and Hunter Loving.
  • Green Parties of North America - are working in communities and in politics at all levels for a world that's nonviolent, socially just, ecologically sane, and truly democratic.
  • Institute for Global Communications (IGC) - The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.
  • International Institute for Resource Management - Focus on reconciling Scientific and Ecological learning for sustainable development.
  • National Environmental Scorecard - Contains environmental voting records - League of Conservation Voters.
  • National Wildlife Federation's International Office - Confronts worldwide threats to wildlife, wetlands, clean water and other environmental values.
  • Nova Scotia Envrionmental Industry Association - The Nova Scotia Environmental Industry Association's purpose is to contribute to sustainable development and promote environmental industries.
  • Northwest Environment Watch - Northwest Environment Watch's mission is to foster a sustainable economy in the Northwest to provide an example for the world.
  • PAX World Service - PAX World Service initiates and supports projects that encourage international understanding, reconciliation and sustainable development on behalf of world peace and the world''s poor.
  • Resource Renewal Institute (RRI) - promotes Green Plans as the path to a sustainable environment and economy.
  • RMIT Environmental Policy - The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a University committed to ecological sustainable development. It aims to achive this by greening its academic programs and operations.
  • Rural Sustainable Development in North America - Urvan and Regional Planning, Florida State University.
  • The Small Island Developing States Network - was initiated as a follow up to the Barbados Programme of Action from 1994. It was recognised that all islands share common issues and SIDSnet was initiated with UNDP/SDNP and the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS). Follow the links below for more Information on the SIDSnet project and contact us to subscribe to our main mailing list.
  • SOROS Foundation/Open Society Institute - The Open Society Institute - New York promotes the development and maintenance of open societies around the world by supporting an array of programs dealing with educational, social, and legal reform. Together with the Open Society Institute-Budapest, OSI-New York assists the other organizations in the Soros foundations network by providing programmatic, administrative, financial, and technical support. OSI-New York maintains representative offices in Brussels, Paris and Washington D.C. OSI - Brussels acts as a liaison to facilitate collaboration between the organizations of the Soros foundations network and potential Western European partners, including the various institutions of the European Union, bilateral donors, and non-governmental organizations. OSI - Paris acts as a liaison and resource office to help foster cultural and educational ties between the Soros foundations network and Western European countries, particularly France. OSI - Washington represents the Soros foundations network with the U.S. Government and Congress, Washington-based international institutions and non-governmental organizations.
  • Southern Africa Environment Project - SAEP is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the District of Colombia to promote the public interest and further the empowerment of individuals, communities, and institutions in a wide range of activities involving the human and natural encironments in Southern Africa.
  • Sustainable Business .com - is a focal point on the web for all environmental business sectors, from recycling to green building, from renewable energy to organic products, from social investing to certified forestry. Read the "Sustainable Business Insider" magazine, post Business Opportunities, find a Green Dream Job , use the comprehensive Links Library .
  • The Natural Step - The Natural Step (TNS) is a non-profit environmental education organization working to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society. TNS offers a framework that is based on science and serves as a compass for businesses, communities, academia, government entities and individuals working to redesign their activities to become more sustainable.
  • The Trust for Sustainable Development - The Trust is a not-for-profit federally chartered Canadian corporation specializing in building Sustainable Communities.
  • Tahoe-Baikal Institute: International Environmental Exchange Program between Siberia, Russia, and Tahoe, California - Environmental Exchange program to promote sustainable development at Lakes Tahoe and Baikal through summer internships for students and young professionals.
  • Urban Ecology - Urban Ecology, a non-profit organization with several projects relating to design and development of ecologically benign cities.
  • University of Kentucky, Center for Sustainable Cities - The Center for Sustainable Cities, instituted in 1993, is a multi-disciplinary alliance of faculty and other professionals dedicated to advancing the agenda for a sustainable future through research, teaching, consulting, and public service.
  • UNU Environment Programme - The UNU Environement Programme focuses on the interactions between human activities and the natural environment, and the implications for the sustainable management of natural resources. It is concerned with environmental governance and the monitoring tools required for designing and implementing effective environmental policies.
  • United Nations Conference on Human Settlements - The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements held in Istanbul, June 3-14, 1996.

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