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  • Alliance to Save Energy - This page lists web sites offering valuable information on energy efficiency. Just click on the page name to go to that site: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE); Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST); U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN); U.S. Environmental Information Administration (EIA); U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); EPA/LBNL Home Energy Saver; Virtual Home Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
  • Alternative Energy Engineering Design Guide - An on-line energy efficiency and renewable energy products catalog. Currently under construction, it contains both background information about small scale renewable energy applications as well as products specifications and prices from the Alternative Energy Engineering.
  • Alternatives BBS: Energy - Contains text articles from many different sources on the following topics: Energy (General), Alternative Energy Home Energy, Home energy production and conservation, Renewable Energy Newsletters, Sustainability, Nuclear Power, Electric Cars, Transportation/Transit.
  • American Hydrogen Association - The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is a non-profit association of individuals and institutions, technical and non-technical, who are dedicated to the advancement of inexpensive, clean and safe hydrogen energy systems.
  • British Columbia Research Inc. - Private Canadian Research Centre on alternative fuels.
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Policy - The Center for Energy and Environmental Policy is the principal research unit for graduate research and study in the fields of energy and environmental policy at the University of Delaware.
  • Civitas2004 - features a weekly edition of the latest news, events, links and resources-- all focusing on urban sustainbility issues. THe site is available in three languages--English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • Energy Efficient Environments Catalog - On-line catalog with a complete line of energy saving and earth friendly products for your home. Hard copy and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) versions of their catalog are also available.
  • Energy, Environment and Resources Center - Since its inception, the Center has grown beyond its original regional focus to address research issues that are national and international in scope. Today the Center consists of active programs that probe scores of research areas, among them waste management, techniques for making cleaner products, and advanced software development and utilization.
  • Enersol Associates, Inc. - Enersol aims to improve the quality of life in rural areas of developing countries, primarily within Latin America and the Caribbean and to contribute to the global transition towards sustainable societies by fostering solar-based rural electrification.
  • European Wind/Solar Energy Information Resources - Mostly European list of associations, companies, and universities in the sustainable energy field.
  • Gemini Inhabited Solar Power Plant - What would be the greatest possible single strike against the C02 problem? A house producing much energy instead of using much energy!
  • GEO 2000 - A coordinated network of Collaborating Centres is the core of the GEO process. These centres have played an increasingly important role in preparing GEO reports. They are now responsible for almost all the regional inputs, thus combining top-down integrated assessment with bottom-up environmental reporting. A number of Associated Centres also participate, providing specialized expertise. Four working groups ?on modelling, scenarios, policy and data ?provide advice and support to the GEO process, helping coordinate the work of the Collaborating Centres to make their outputs as comparable as possible. Other United Nations agencies contribute to the GEO Process through the United Nations System-wide Earthwatch, coordinated by UNEP. In particular, they provide substantive data and information on the many environmentally-related issues that fall under their individual mandates; they also help review drafts.
  • INFORSE - INFORSE is a network of more thank 150 NGOs world-wide, many of which are umbrella organizations. All of these organizations work to promote sustainable energy and social development. Their web site gives details about the organization and the network, as well as news and material on sustainable energy.
  • Institute for Global Communications (IGC) - The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative sources of information as well as online access and comprehensive Internet services for progressive individuals and organizations.
  • IEA - International Energy Agency.
  • MIT Technology,. Business and Environment- Meritt Signature Development Alliance - Providing green building services with out alliance to deliver the world's most energy-efficient commercial and office work environments.
  • NGO Steering Committee - For more information on NGO preparations on the issue of energy, please visit the Caucus webpage. This site includes caucus statements, the most recent being the Energy/Climate Change Global Action Plan.
  • Organization for Energy Conservation and Planning (OECP) - The local and international scenes are now facing various changes, such as transition to market economy, gradual removing of energy subsidies, more emphasis on energy and the environment, the GATT, and finally the private sector serious involvement in many energy-related activities. OECP is bound to adopt a set of policies to accommodate the above mentioned realities.
  • Powermat Solar Heating Systems - Powermat manufactures solar heating systems for swimming pools and hot water supplies.
  • Pacific Rim Consortium in Energy, Combustion and the Environment Participants - PARCON is dedicated to advancing the evolution of energy utilization and the reduction of environmental impacts, benefiting not only the region, but the world as a whole.
  • Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment - UNDP - The purpose of the PPPUE is to help countries tap into the increasing flow of private capital resources that globalization has brought. The PPUE helps countries establish mutually beneficial partnerships through well negotiated and structured projects in the areas of water and sanitation, waste management and energy.
  • The Solar Cooking Archive - Check out the Solar Cooking Archive if you'd like to find out about alternative energy system. The organization can assist you if you need help with using the sun's free energy for cooking and sterilizing water or cooking with solar ovens. Construction plans and graphics are available on the site, together with information and news about solar energy.
  • The United Nations Development Programme - Engergy and Atmosphere Programme - The Energy and Atmosphere Programme (EAP) implements activities in pursuit of ideas put forward in the UNDP Initiatives on Sustainable Energy (UNISE) and Energy After Rio: Prospects and Challenges. With the over-riding perspective that energy is not an end in itself, but rather the means to achieve the goal of sustainable human development, sustainable energy and climate change related activities are expanding rapidly.
  • World Energy Council - The World Environment Center contributes to sustainable development worldwide by strengthening industrial and urban environment, health, and safety policy and practices.

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