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  • Associates in Rural Development, Inc. - Consulting services in international development, GIS, GPS, and information management services.
  • CARC HomePage - CARC, a national public interest organization doing research, advocacy and public information on Arctic sustainable and equitable development.
  • Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development - Provides information and consulting to U.S. communities on sustainable development techniques. Databases, publications, articles, success stories on-line.
  • Civitas2004 - features a weekly edition of the latest news, events, links and resources-- all focusing on urban sustainbility issues. THe site is available in three languages--English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • Communications for a Sustainable Future (CSF) - Lists various electronic discussion groups about Ecology and the Environment; Education; International Studies; Peace and Conflict; and Sustainable Economics. Includes: CaseNet, Femisa, BCWatershed, ClimEcon, ConsBio, EcoFem, EcolEcon, Peace, PEN-L, and others. Over a dozen mailing lists realting to a sustainable future.
  • Deft University Interduct Clean Technology Institute - serves as contact between "the outside world" and groups within the University that conduct research in the environmental field.
  • EcoNet - EcoNet is part of the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) network. This is a sister network of SANGONET's and also a member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). EcoNet acts as a resource centre on environmental topics and has information sorted by category. It also publishes major international headlines and action alerts related to environment.
  • Eco-Village Information Service - Eco-Village Information Service - The home of the Global Eco-Village Network.
  • Electronic Development and Environment Information System (ELDIS) - This site is a gateway to information sources on development or the environment. Currently, most of the information sources listed are either electronic or institutional. Where the source is available on the Internet, a direct link is provided. Where there is no Internet link, other information on availability is given.
  • Electronic Tools for Community Sustainability - Sites with introductory information about a number of different electronic tools useful for development of community sustainability. Included are various sites relating to Energy, the Environment, and Economic Sustainability Environmental design and simulation; GIS; Civil empowerment; Civic infrastructure; and Community-based Computer Networks, information, and learning.
  • EnviroDirectory Hotlist Search - EnviroDirectory is a pilot project organized by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, which collect and organize Environmental Internet Resource Information.
  • Enviro Facts - Enviro Facts have been developed in response to a growing need amongst South Africans for information about their environment. The Enviro Facts are 60 information, or fact, sheets covering a range of environmental issues. The fact sheets provide an overview, or orienting framework, for each topic or issue.
  • Envirolink Network - The Envirolink Network publishes information on environmental events, a progressive mailing list archive, and pointers to resources and information on many environmental issues.
  • EnvironNET Australia - EnvironNET Australia consists of fully searchable databases covering industry environment capabilities, environmental education, cleaner production and R&D into waste management and pollution control.
  • EnviroPhantom Search Engine - The EnviroPhantom is a Yahoo-like search/indexing robot which crawls Internet sites dedicated to environmental issues in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) Region. Currently there are over 11,000 pages indexed including information from over 30 Internet sites dedicated to CEE environmental issues.
  • ERIN Integrating Environment and Development - The Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) aims to provide geographically related data of an extent, quality and availability required for planning and decision making.
  • Friends of the Earth - Friends of the Earth is the largest Network of environmental groups in the world and currently represents 52 countries. They run environmental campaigns on issues such as bio-diversity, habitats, transport and pollution. They provide extensive information and educational materials and have pointers to other environmental services on the Internet.
  • Friends of the Earth Germany - Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) and Misereor requested Wuppertal Institute to do a thorough study of how German life could be made sustainable. It was expected that the study would set off a controversy, and it has.
  • Global Environment Outlook-1 Report (UNEP) - The GEO-1 Report - released by the United Nations Environment Programme - shows that significant progress has been made in the last decade in confronting environmental challenges in both developing and industrial regions. This site gives you access to the complete report, as well as more information on the topic of environment.
  • Harvard Information Infrastructure Project - The Harvard Information Infrastructure Project has constructed a comprehensive policy gateway on information infrastructure topics, ranging from the NII and GII to telecommunications policy and applications.
  • GreenMarket - In partnership with EcoNet and Institute for Global Communications, brings together progressive and ecologically conscious companies and organizations to provide information and products easily and affordably to concerned, earthwise consumers.
  • ILLINI Environmental Design Research Association - Information on the local chapter of the ILLINI EDRA with links to membership directory, classes of interest to environment research, related newsgroups, local newletter and more to come.
  • International Society for Ecological Economics - ISEE is an international forum for exchanging ideas about integration of ecological and economic principles, defining sustainable development.
  • Linkages - is a multi-media resource for Environment and Development Policy Makers provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.
  • The Natural Step - The Natural Step (TNS) is a non-profit environmental education organization working to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society. TNS offers a framework that is based on science and serves as a compass for businesses, communities, academia, government entities and individuals working to redesign their activities to become more sustainable.
  • NESDA - NESDA is a resource and forum of African experts in the management of environment and natural resources. The building and strengthening of expertise of individuals and institutions within Africa at local, national and sub-regional levels for environmentally sustainable development represents the essence of NESDA's strategy for achieving its general and specific objectives.
  • New Ground Magazine - This is a copy of an entire issue of New Ground Magazine which covers environmental issues from a development perspective. You will find useful information on different topics such as Green Living with graphics of household waste separation, or Enviro-Education, which tells you to get up and do things for the environment.
  • NRM-Changelinks - is an on-line resource guide for those seeking to develop sustainable change in the way we manage our natural resources
  • NRTEE - Canadian independent agency that seeks to provide informations on the relationship between the environment and the economy.
  • "OurPlanet" - United Nations Environmental Program Publication - Excerpts of articles from "OurPlanet"; the United Nations Environmental Program's bi-monthly magazine on the environment and sustainable development. Articles about Cities: Habitat II and the transition to making cities sustainable.
  • Open Africa - The Mail and Guardian's online version of the ecotourism magazine, Open Africa. An off-the-beaten-track guide to holidays in Africa.
  • PanaAfrican News Agency: Environmental Bulletin - Perhaps more than any other population group in the world, Africa's 650 million people are immediately and directly affected by environmental degradation. And as the second largest continent, occupying 30 million square kilometers and bordering the world's major oceans, Africa and its practices have a long-term effect on the global environment. PANA offers a regular update (every Monday) on environmental developments across the continent.
  • Permaculture Community Action Worknet - PCAW is a non-profit corporation and educational organization with charitable status. We organize and deliver permaculture courses and workshops.
  • Resources for the Future (RFF) - Resources for the Future (RFF) is an independent, non-profit organization that conducts original, objective research in environmental economics.
  • Rocky Mountain Institute - A non-profit research and educational foundation for the efficient and sustainable use of resources.
  • Simple Living Network - An interactive catalogue of earth-friendly products, resources and services to help you live a simple, comfortable, less consumptive life-style.
  • Sustainable TIMES On-Line Newspaper - An alternative environmental newspaper on sustainability issues, green economics and natural living. Includes action ideas and success stories.
  • Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) Database - This is a searchable database of all the films available from TVE: over 350 broadcast quality programmes and educational videos covering the global spectrum of environment and sustainable development issues. You can search by theme or by title, view stills and video clips (you'll need the VDO plug-in) of the films that match your criteria and then place your order on-line.
  • The Centre for Community and Enterprise Networking (C\CEN) - of the University College of Cape Breton (UCCB) does research, development and enterprise incubation in the use of Information and Communications Technologies in support of local economic development, particularly in rural areas.
  • The Eco-Source - This site is presented by ecotourism professionals and individuals interested in ecotourism and sustainable development issues. The site provides areas to learn more about ecotourism, find topical news, discover upcoming events, query experts in the field, and even play games to build your skills.
  • The Green Brick Road (GBR) - The Green Brick Road is a non-profit organization which specializes in resources and information for students and teachers of global and environmental education. Browse through the Guide to Environmental and Global Education Resources, a product of four years of researching, networking and consulting educators from all over the world - for detailed descriptions of these normally hard to find titles.
  • The GreenDisk Journal - Now in its fifth year of publication. The Green Disk is the premier journal of the environmental movement, having received rave reviews from all corners. The GreenDisk is a journal of contemporary environmental issues used by educators, journalists, activists and professionals all over the world. Each issue is a compendium of resources on one environmental issue.
  • The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment - The Heinz Center is a non-profit organization engaged in collaboratice research on environmental problems.
  • The Latin American Alliance - Its mission is to develop environmental and sustainable information for Latin America.
  • The Panos Institute - The Panos Institute is an international information organization working together with partner NGOs and journalists in the third world to strengthen their capacities to produce information on environmental and sustainable development issues and to promote southern perspectives on development.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists - The common threads of global sustainability and global security weave the Union of Concerned Scientists's work on agriculture, arms control, energy, global resources, and transportation into a unified vision: achieving a secure and sustainable world today without sacrificing the environment of tomorrow. This web site includes extensive information on the four issues covered by the Sound Science Initiative: biodiversity, climate change, ozone depletion, and population growth.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme Working Group on Sustainable Product Development (UNEP-WG-SPD) - A new 60 page+ WWW site with searchable databases.
  • University of Arizona - The International Arid Lands Consortium - is an independent, non-profit research organization supporting ecological sustainability in arid and semiarid lands worldwide.
  • University of Kentucky - Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development - An organization dedicated to promoting multidisciplinary analysis and research on needs, causes, and consequences of development.
  • University of Oregon - The Oregon Land Use Information Center - is dedicated to providing information about Oregon's land use program.
  • WWW Virtual Forest Library - This very comprehensive site is provided by the Library Information Services at the Finnish Forest Research Institute. It is part of the international WWW Virtual Library of subject oriented link collections. The Forestry section is maintained by information specialists, and it has two independent sub-sections: Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding and Forest Soils and Substrates. The site also provides excellent material on International Agreements and Forest Policy.
  • Wood Heating and Forest Ecology - This site's focus is a paper on Residential Wood Heating: The Forest, the Atmosphere and the Public Consciousness. The paper was written for the 1993 Air and Waste Management Association Annual Conference by Dr. Ole Q. Hendrickson, Forest Ecologist, Forestrh Canada and John F. Gulland, Gulland Associates Inc.
  • World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) - WCMC is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the location and management of information on the conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resources. These pages will guide you to global data on bio-diversity and information relating to WCMC's activities in this field.


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