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  • Architect Research Institute-Features over 350 categorized interdisciplinary links pertaining to architecture and related topics.
  • Association for Environment Conscious Building. - The AECB promotes ecological and energy efficient design and construction.
  • Backlund Home Page - Energy efficient house design, construction, renovation and retrofit. Small Scale forestry. Woodlot association.
  • BioSpaces - Sustainable home design using renewable and recyclable materials. Solar heated greenhouses for year round growing. Building a sustainable future is our goal.
  • Build It Naturally - Alternative residential house building site promoting environmentally responsible construction styles and techniques.
  • Cob Cottage Company - Sustainable Building - This site contains information concerning sustainable, environmentally aware building with earth or cob which has been used for millennia even in the harsh climates of Coastal Britain, at the latitude of Aleutians. Thousands of comfortable and picturesque cob homes in England have been continuously occupied for many centuries and now command very high market values.
  • Community Enrichment Center and Adobe Canada Ltd. - A Toronto based umbrella organization of numerous eco-technology community based companies, i.e. Adobe Canada Ltd., doing cold climate earthen architecture.
  • Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems. - A non-profit education, demonstration, and research organization for appropriate technology and sustainable design.
  • Community Eco-Design Network (CEN) - Non-profit organization providing access to materials, expertise and labor for affordable, ecological building projects. Conducts straw bale construction workshops.
  • Davis Caves Home Page - Worldwide developers/builders/consultants for all types of Earth Sheltered homes, commercial buildings. Join us for EarthFest!.
  • Designing A Sustainable Future - Issue of the newsletter "In Context." Features articles about urban planning, sustainable buildings, and community. Not very flashy,, but very thought provoking.
  • Design Your Own Natural Home - Design Build firm of natural homes.
  • Ecosustainable Hub-To make an active contribution towards the improvement of the quality of life for ourselves and future generations, facilitating cooperation, networking, ethical practices and developments. "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (Brundtland commission)
  • Energy Efficient Building Association - North American building science and applications consortia; provides training, criteria, and research coordination for building industry.
  • EnerModal Engineering - Visit our web site to see examples of our energy and resource efficient buildings and to download design software. Denver, Colorado.
  • Enertia Building Systems - Designers and Manufacturers of Do-It-Yourself Solar Home Kits made of renewable and recycled materials.
  • Environmental Building News - Green Building resources with extensive product reviews and news on environmentally sustainable design and construction. Independently published -- no ads!
  • Eagle Lake on Orcas Island - An environmentally sensitive residential real estate development emphasizing preservation, stewardship and architectural integrity.
  • Eco-Design HomePage - Provides the means to make healthy and environmentally sensitive choices.
  • Florida Design Initiative - The Florida Design Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy efficiency in building design, construction, and management.
  • Global Environmental Options - GEO supports the creation of sustainable buildings and communities through education, integrated environmental planning and coalition building.
  • Green Building Information Council - A non-profit organization created to advance the energy and environmental performance of buildings through the creation, exchange and application of appropriate information.
  • GreenSpirit Design/Build Co-Operation - Designs and builds homes, neighborhoods, and communities that are ecologically sound, environmentally kind, socially responsive and sustainable.
  • Hanna Shapira Earth Sheltered Structures - Consultant: Research and design experience in passive solar energy, energy conservation, and earth sheltered structures. Description of my papers, designs, and patent.
  • Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability - HOPES is a student organization at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts. The fields of Architecture, Art and Planning offer opportunities to help balance the built environment with the natural systems which sustain it. HOPES strives to create a multidisciplinary dialogue which will raise awareness of the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for people in the creative professions to encourage positive change.
  • Housing and Social Infrastructures Institute - The research on methodologies concerning building refurbishment is among the foundamental aims of IRIS Institute. There is a global need to build national and local capacity to collect useful information on sustainable practices, convert that information to knowledge through appropriate techniques and apply that knowledge in formulating and modifying policies. In such a complex context, it is important to identify and learn from local examples of sustainable practice, whose experience can be vital to address key issues in other regions. This interdisciplinary conference aims at allowing people representing diverse communities of research to share information on sustainable initiatives and practices in urban and rural areas throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Its objective is also to help organizations and professionals to design, build, operate and retrofit buildings that have less impact on the environment.
  • International Institute for Natural Environmental Cultural Resources Management - Strategic planning; particiaptive design for sustainable development
  • Inveresk Architect Builders - Architect led design/build company specializing in sustainable design and construction.
  • Joiners' Quarterly - A Magazine focusing on timber framing and sustainable construction - we also have a building school.
  • Modern World Design - A design firm specializing in recycling, waste disposal, and green design (efficiency and appropriate technology). Nice links to other eco-design sites.
  • Natural by Design - Environmentally sustainable residential and commercial design utilizing permaculture principles and appropriate technology.
  • Project 2050 Save Earth - has one premise that we can design better communities. We propose complete communities linked together with mass transportation built in the desert with sand and solar power, to help solve to help solve world hunger, population, and the environment.
  • Sinan Company - Natural wall paints, woodfinishes, artist products and other good natural products for your home.
  • Sustainable Architecture - I'm in the midst of a massive research campaign. I'm applying to graduate school in architecture, but there doesn't seem to be a source that lists information on sustainable or passive solar architecture. I spent several months browsing the web looking for anything that mentioned sustainable research before I hit upon the brilliant idea of actually writing to students, professors, and people in the field - asking for information about which schools has a reputation in environmentally conscious architecture.
  • Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping - An archive of information about sustainable architecture: ecological planning, design, integrated architecture and landscaping for tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climates. Gives a brief overview of sustainable development, checklist planners for building and landscaping, and a bibliography for further reading.
  • Sustainable Building Resource - Are you searching for keywords as "sustainable building", "sustainable building design", "sustainable architecture", "sustainable city", "green building", "green materials", "ecological design", "eco village", "appropriate technology", "natural building", "alternative building materials", "energy efficient building design", "recycled building material", "renewable material"? Sustainable Building Resource is your site! We have pre-selected a number of keywords which we know from experience will provide a broad search. Search, Shortcuts, navigation tools (see map) and news are available.
  • Sunlight Homes - Custom residential design for your lifestyle, land and building budget in US and Canada. Specializing in day lighting, modified passive solar design and super-insulated, stress-skin panelized construction.
  • Sustainable Design Resource Guide: 3rd Edition - Searchable database of over 600 green building materials developed by Committee on the Environment, AIA Denver.
  • Sustainable Sources - Alternative Building Techniques and related environmental information.
  • The Northwest Eco-Building Guild - An organization of contractors, design professionals, tradespeople, suppliers, and homeowners dedicated to sustainable building practices.
  • Tsui Design & Research Inc. - Creating strikingly original architecture and environments by harmonizing technology, ecology, economy and nature.
  • Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living - Offers an introduction to low-cost, sustainable building techniques, such as rammed-earth tire, straw bale, and cordwood construction, and to a variety of alternative energy systems.
  • 02W3, - Contains green design, environmental product design, design for the environment, eco-design, greener product development.

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