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  • Best Practices Database - This searchable database contains over 1100 proven solutions from more than 120 countries to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates the practical ways in which communities, governments and the private sector are working together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide access to shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment and support economic development.
  • Civano: Sustainable Community - Civano is a new Sustainable Community being developed in Tucson, AZ, by the Trust for Sustainable Development and Case Enterprises.
  • Civitas2004 - features a weekly edition of the latest news, events, links and resources-- all focusing on urban sustainbility issues. THe site is available in three languages--English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  • The City Of Austin's Green Builder Program - The City of Austin's Green Builder Program is currently in the process of a major revision of the Sourcebook and update of the resource sections. The latest versions of each chapter will soon be available on this site. This page contains the introduction, praise, disclaimers, purpose of the Sourcebook and how to use the Sourcebook.
  • City Comforts: How to build an urban village. - This book shows examples of small things - City Comforts that make urban life pleasant: places where people can meet, methods to tame cars and to make buildings good neighbors, art that infuses personality into locations and makes them into places.
  • Ecocentric World - This site features a marketplace of products for reducing one's ecological impact, as well as a mailing list for discussing technological issues.
  • Econews Africa - Econews Africa is an NGO initiative (bases in Nairobi) that analyses global environment and development issues from an African perspective and reports on local, national, and regional activities that contribute to global solutions.
  • Ecovillage At Ithaca - A model sustainable village in Ithaca, NY, founded in 1991. Goal of 500 residents.
  • IISDNET - IISDNet delivers principles, policies, frameworks best practices to decision makers. -- International Institute for Sustainable Development.
  • Menominee Sustainable Development Institute - The Menominee has created a powerful example of a sustainable society that lives in the modern world.
  • Prosus-Program For Research And Document For A Sustainable Society - ProSus is a research program established by The Research Counsel of Norway, Section for Environment and Development. The purpose of Prosus is 1) to conduct strategic research and documentation for the realization of a sustainable society at the local, national and global levels; 2) to monitor Norway's development with respect to the Rio Declaration, Agenda 21 and the guidelines of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD); 3) to mediate information on futures research directed toward sustainable development and on the debate over global ethics.
  • Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment - UNDP - The purpose of the PPPUE is to help countries tap into the increasing flow of private capital resources that globalization has brought. The PPUE helps countries establish mutually beneficial partnerships through well negotiated and structured projects in the areas of water and sanitation, waste management and energy.
  • Sustainable Sources Environmental Website - The purpose of Sustainable Sources is to provide a solutions based environmental site. Main Feature is the sustainable building guide, a 400 page document with case studies, instructions, materials and so on.
  • Sustainable Earth Electronic Library (SEEL) - SEEL publishes materials that educate people on ways to preserve and restore our natural environment. They aim to give environmental educational organizations and institutions a voice that is not often heard. Information is catalogued by subject area.

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